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Astronaut Luca Parmitano active on Ham Radio from the ISS

Just a quick update after so much time without “shaking” the blog to reactivate it a bit and to note, to those of you who still might not have received these good news, that ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano has got the “ham … Continue reading

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This summer I’ve been enjoying a new receiver which has terribly cheaply (for just 16.82€, or $19.20!!!!) joined the rest of my radio material. It is an ezcap ezTV645 DVB-T USB dongle and yes, you’ve read well, it is nothing more than… an USB dongle … Continue reading

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Introducing… the MSI Pole!!!

[First of all, I would like to excuse myself for having not updated this blog in a loooot of time… this has been due to my “free moments” being very restricted because of the time I had to invest in studying for successfully completing my … Continue reading

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Hello and welcome to this newly-created blog! As my interest for radio scanning, or radio listening, is growing, I’ve decided to create a brand new blog so as to have a new and dedicated space in which to drop material related … Continue reading

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ARISSat-1 – Part 1: What is it?

A small satellite named ARISSat-1 (and “Kedr” or “Radioskaf-B” by the Russians, as ARISSat-1 is officially a Russian experiment) has been providing me with a lot of fun and satisfactions since August 3rd, when it was released from the ISS, or International Space Station, by … Continue reading

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Receiving the ISS…

Yup! Not only I could see a great nightly and visual pass of both Discovery and the ISS flying together for the last time over the place where I live, in the final days of mission STS-133 (some time after Discovery undocked from … Continue reading

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