Hello and welcome to this newly-created blog!

As my interest for radio scanning, or radio listening, is growing, I’ve decided to create a brand new blog so as to have a new and dedicated space in which to drop material related with this activity. Until now I posted stuff related to radio at Passion for Aviation, my other blog, which is about my huge aviation and space hobby. Now I’ve decided to have a blog for aviation and space, and another for radio, so that I can separate both subjects, and be able to develop each one more in their corresponding blogs. However, when an entry is appliable both to aviation (or space) and to radio, such as when it is related to air band listening or to listening to a spacecraft (not necesarily being an amateur radio satellite), I’ll publish the same entry both in Passion for Aviation and in Scanning the Bands.

As it can be seen, I’ve imported a pair of radio posts from Passion for Aviation. The most recent is about ARISSat-1. Although it is some time now since it reentered and disappeared in the high atmosphere, I’ll retake this little series of posts till I finish them. Meanwhile (time permitting) I’ll post other entries on other interesting stuff.

Note that the blog is still under construction as it is very new… these days I’ll improve it a bit by doing works such as adding a header image or an “About me” page, besides other things.

Nothing more to say… enjoy this brand new blog!


About raptor22stealth

Aviation, space and radio listening enthusiast!!!
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